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    chatx Report: CM Punk Quits WWE, Breaking News: CM Punk Walks Out On WWE; Tells Vince McMahon He’s “Going Home,” Daniel Bryan

    Word has come out that CM Punk has left WWE, according to several sources.

    CM Punk reportedly told Vince McMahon personally on Monday that he was going home, and then got on a plane for Chicago. has since removed Punk from all upcoming live events and house shows over the next few weeks including Monday Night Raw and the Elimination Chamber PPV on February 23rd in Minneapolis, MN.
    He did not appear at Monday night’s Raw, and also didn’t appear at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Toledo, Ohio, despite being advertised for the event.
    Punk, who worked roughly 50 minutes in the Royal Rumble match was described as “pissy” after the pay-per-view, although that reportedly wouldn’t be an unusual description of Punk’s demeanor backstage.
    He tweeted the following message on Monday morning

    As reported, Punk was scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania 30, but as seen on Monday’s Raw, early signs may have been shown that Triple H will be facing Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania instead. No word if the match change is what caused Punk to leave, or if the match was changed because Punk left. According to sources, Bryan vs. Triple H is indeed the new current plan for WrestleMania.
    The belief is that Punk leaving is not due to an injury issue. In the past, Punk had been very vocal about “part-time” wrestlers returning to WWE and getting pushed ahead of guys who are there on a nightly basis, and that may be a reason for him being upset. According to reports, Punk’s final goal in WWE was to main event WrestleMania, and with his current contract expiring in July, and it becoming more and more apparent that he would not be main eventing WrestleMania this year, his failure to achieve that goal may be a driving force for his departure.
    Punk stated in an interview last week that he doesn’t know if he will re-sign after his contract expires, and that “everything is up in the air.”
    All signs indicate that this is not a work. will provide more information as we confirm additional details.

    Source : pwmania
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    BollyRulez.Net Wrestlers

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    Who can blame him, works his ass off 24/7, Batista returns after 4 year absence, headlines Wrestlemania.

    WWE needs to fix their product and QUICK before this sinking ship hits rock bottom. 

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    Fuck WWE you need to wake up guys like Punk leaving is a sign you better get it together because the part timers are not going to be here forever to save you and the fact that you need them shows that your product sucks and no disrespect to the part timers
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    No one cares for Botchtista, We want the best in the world !!!

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    Honestly, if all of this is true, I really don't blame Punk. It'll suck not having him around, but it will be justified. Seriously though, at this rate, who's next?

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    Default NO NO NO NO

    Quote Originally Posted by RonnieC View Post
    Honestly, if all of this is true, I really don't blame Punk. It'll suck not having him around, but it will be justified. Seriously though, at this rate, who's next?

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    Default CM Punk Is Not Leaving WWE The News Was Posted Now In

    The best in the world - CM Punk is not leaving WWE.!! he will back within some days!. He got a match with Kane at elimination chamber..!

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    Default Dumb Comment

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    The best in the world - CM Punk is not leaving WWE.!! he will back within some days!. He got a match with Kane at elimination chamber..!
    Idiot!!! Did you not hear??? A match with Kane at Elimination chamber??

    It SPECIFICALLY says he was pulled from all shows for the coming weeks. INCLUDING his match at Elimination Chamber. Read the post before you make a dumb comment.

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    even tho i love the WWE i really hope they screw up and go out of business because that would be hilarious to laugh at

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